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April 25, 2007

Welcome to my blog! The next step in my Internet-savviness. But more importantly it will be home to stories from my journey as a development worker in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa as its known by some.

Many of you are probably aware that I will be spending the next 4 months working in Malawi as a Junior Fellow overseas volunteer with Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB). Writing this today, I can hardly believe its been three and a half years since I first discovered the Waterloo chapter of EWB. Then composed of a core group of a dozen or so people, I remember learning about the organization literally as I was telling other people about it! Since then the group has mushroomed to over 60 strong, many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and who not only inspired, but continue to feed my passion to understand the livelihoods of people in developing communities and assist their efforts to work their way out of poverty.

I’ve spent the last few years gathering glimpses of what it means to assist developing communities. In the last few months I’ve accelerated this learning as I actively put myself in the adventurous hiking shoes, flexible flip-flops, and professional dress shoes of a development worker in Malawi. All to develop an approach to learn the realities that challenge Malawians – basically, I am learning how to learn while overseas!

Next up is a week long training in Toronto to cover anything from defining poverty and development, exploring cultural integration, to nutrition and staying healthy overseas. I’ve heard it can be an intense learning experience with overwhelming food for thought, but its sure to be a good time since I’ll be with the rest of the Malawi overseas team! Last time we hung out was back in January for the EWB National Conference in Calgary.

Team Malawi 2007

Bookmark this page and check in often as I will be posting as frequently as I can while in Malawi. This blog is also a means for me to stay connected with all of you, so feel free — in fact I will hugely appreciate it while in Malawi — to post your thoughts, comments, questions, or email them to me at

Stay tuned for more news on what I’ll be doing in Malawi, who I will be working with, and at long last, my first experience in Africa!