Team Malawi JF retreat

While I was online, I thought I’d mention I just recently returned from Senga Bay which is off beautiful Lake Malawi. It was the Engineers Without Borders JF Retreat where I got to catch up with all the fellow Malawi volunteers and EWB staff. Besides having some teambuilding, experience sharing, and action planning sessions, it was just an awesome time to relax from the rush of work, play some beach volleyball, and enjoy the lake (almost came close to a 7-person human pyramid – so I can say I’ve also drank the lake…quite a bit actually). Here’s a few pictures…hopefully I’ll post more after fellow JF’s share their photos with me (I didn’t whip out the camera too often). By Saturday, I should have more time to explain my work!

Lake Malawi


JF Sessions

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One Comment on “Team Malawi JF retreat”

  1. mum, Says:

    Hi Son:

    Pictures of the Lake look nice. Glad you enjoyed the Lake. Wasn’t it cold, and I hope you do’t get sick, especially from swallowing that Lake water.

    Lve mum

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