I’ve been busy travelling, working, learning over the past three weeks…so I hope to update you all this week…from cell phone woes, to finally observing a strategic planning session facilitated by CADECO, and a five day village stay about a day’s travel north of Lilongwe returning to a family rift centred on juju (aka witchcraft!), to trying to keep abreast of a MAJOR political impasse between a constitutional debate and passing a national budget to the point where many Malawians dread a scenario where donors pull out of Malawi…the days are not nearly long enough!

Stay tuned…but in the meanwhile, enjoy some of the sights of the past week.  Malawi has an incredible landscape.

Pounding cassava flour

Natural beauty

Cassava fields by the lake

The Baobab tree


Kids enjoying the lake

Me by the lake

My host family in Papa village

Lake Malawi

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3 Comments on “Pictures!”

  1. mum Says:

    Hi Son:

    Nice pictures! The first picture, is it you? with that pole doing some pounding. Its hard to tell, asa the picture is not that clear. The Lake does look nice.
    Cant wait to hear more.


  2. matt Says:

    yo u look african lol. or maybe it’s just cuz ur in africa.

  3. Mike Says:

    Great photos, Wayne! Can’t wait to see a slideshow when you get back!

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